The emergence of the ArCADia BIM system is a logical consequence of the ArCADiasoft philosophy to meet the needs of designers at all stages of project development. The system intelligently supports and coordinates all participants throughout the design process in line with BIM (Building Information Modeling) technology while creating a comprehensive building information database. It provides complete control and security at all stages of design while streamlining and accelerating implementation.

ArCADia have over 20 years of experience in creating computer applications for the construction industry and more than 100 products for architects and engineers. Our programs range from structural design to interior and installation design to energy performance of buildings calculations to buildings’ surroundings design.

Today, ArCADia BIM is more than twenty industry-specific modules. These include installation solutions for water, sewage, electricity, heating, etc., and programs intended for engineers to construct and calculate. These programs use a common database of objects (buildings), enable full cooperation between the various industries and the exchange of information and projects within and outside the system. ArCADia applications have IFC format support, which allows the user to collaborate with other programs such as Allplan, Archicad, or Revit.

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